Enough is enough


Thanks God, I am not a politician, I am an engineer, a technician, but for once I will write a political note because I feel the urge of shrugging off the pile of non-scientific bullshit that all thru the past fifty years or so the eco-catastrophist, or rather eco-terrorists, have been accumulating right on our front yard. And it stinks real bad. Thru the years the issues stratified in multi-color layers like the Grand Canyon cliffs, changing their targets and also their level of idiot, hollow demagogy with no scientific consistency, only supported by tons of arrogance and bad faith. Actually the main target remains always the same: our legitimate drive to progress in the evolution of the means that make our civilization stronger, more efficient, more enjoyable and fruitful. Against all that, those idiots in various shades of green are determined to reverse the drive to realize what they call the “happy regress”. This not only is totally idiot, it’s criminal because today men are living a longer and healthier life, have acquired higher grades of knowledge and culture and have solid perspectives of better living. The first assault against progress and civilization was against nuclear energy. Oil companies and their friendly politicians stirred anti-nuclear protests, in particular on the issue concerning the handling of nuclear waste. In practical terms, it was a non realistic problem, but it put a worm in the back of the brain of all the people who know nothing about nuclear engineering. Things cooled down a bit, but the virus of anti-nuclear attitude had been spread and suddenly people started getting doubts about what they used to call “our friendly atom” just days before, the source of endless energy and happiness. Then came the hole in the ozone layer. That was a very poor makeup, the hole in the ozone has always been there, atop the North Pole area, and it always expanded and then shrunk back again, like if the ozone layer was breathing, inhaling and exhaling at a regular rate. Instead, according to the eco-talibans, the hole would keep expanding and the whole earthling population would end up like Colonel Sander’s Fried Chicken, courtesy of the ultra-violet radiation coming from the Sun. The eco-talibans attributed the depletion of the ozone layer to Freon, the gas that acts as heat exchanger in the air conditioners. In his ozone depleting action, Freon was assisted by the general community of “greenhouse gases”, a total un-scientific definition that, according to these jokers, includes CO2 and even steam. OK, we were doomed, we better start sayng your prayers because we were gonna die in less than a month. By the Grace of the Lord, we are still here and the hole in the ozone layer shrunk back to its smaller size. The stinky bad faith of the eco-taliban intelligentsia is confirmed by the fact that news of the positive evolution of the situation never appeared on the media, we just have not heard anything, a perfect example of manipulation of the public opinion by the media. We needed to access the NASA site to know about it. But still there are media idiots talking of “greenhouse gases” that now changed their target: the ozone layer is no longer in fashion (and in danger), so now it is the world environment as a whole.

While the ozone layer was looking after its millenarian business giving not one single damn to the media catastrophists, nuclear energy got a couple of bad shots: Chernobyl and Fukushima. The two cases have nothing in common, but the media manipulators immediately associated the Japanese reactor failure to the Ukrainian reactor disaster to give extra momentum to the anti-nuclear landslide released by the de-civilization party. I will go down to some fundamental scientific and engineering details. First: the two cases are completely different from their basic project up. Chernobyl is a “graphite moderated” nuclear reactor. Basically it is an evolution of the so called Chicago Pile 1, the first experimental unit that went “critical” on Dec. 2nd, 1942 and was based on the project of Prof. Enrico Fermi. That had to be the only “graphite moderated” nuclear reactor being realized in the western world because, though it represented an immense success for the research in atomic physics, it also showed its limits being rather critical to control. The fact the it was included in the Soviet plans of a network of nuclear powerplants only underlines the rotten bad faith of the “peace loving” Soviet Communist System since “graphite moderated” nuclear reactor generate both electric energy and plutonium 239, basic isotope for the production of nuclear weapons, a damn good reason to select this type of nuclear powerplants even in the face of the risks they represented for the safety of the civilian population. An additional aspect of the total idiocy of Communism and of the Soviet system that at the base of the Chernobyl reactor meltdown is the fact that all major installations and plants in USSR were under the full control of a commissar of the communist party, so it came to pass that also the Chernobyl powerplant was directed by a party commissar, not by a nuclear engineer or a doctor in nuclear physics. The communist idiot ordered an “open core” experiment and, given the criticality of the specific type of nuclear plant, the reactor run away and the technicians could not recover control and many died in the brave attempt to prevent the disaster. In this case the danger was inherent to the type of reactor and to the total idiocy of communism that puts the party above anything. The Fukushima reactor was designed by General Electric during the ‘60s, is was a “boiling water” type, solely intended for the production of electric energy. Though not a state of the art design, it proved perfectly safe for more than 40 years. Safe in a number of different situation, but a huge earthquake and consequent tsunami were too much, 100 feet high waves went over the safety barriers and the whole powerplant was under water, all electrical systems short circuited and nothing worked anymore, including the pumps that circulated the water that cooled the core. Given the type of reactor there was only a peak of high radiations and then the reactor automatically shut down, limiting the extension of the contaminated area. Today all of the Fukushima powerplant is back in operation, while in Chernobyl the core is still melting and only possible action is adding more layers of concrete to the containment sarcophagus. The lessons we learned lead to an almost common conclusion: Man is helpless against the immense destructive force of nature, and against the immense destructive force of the COMMUNIST idiocy. Sorry for the long excursion in nuclear engineering.  The US Navy has a force of more than 100 ships, most are submarines, powered by nuclear reactors and from the days of the legendary USS Nautilus to date not a single failure is recorded. I guess there is a meaning in this: build things right, keep them right, manage them right and even nuclear fission can be safely put to the benefit of Human Kind. Or of the US Navy, in this case. After Fukushima nuclear energy turned into a dirt word and the ridiculous European politicians put a stop to all that was already there and working. In the meantime the attention of the eco-talibans had focused on the environment. Every fart of cold wind in summer or of hot wind in winter was enough to make them scream “global warming, global warming!” Same as the hole in the ozone layer, climatic events do not stand still and do not follow a repetitive pattern. Earth climate slowly evolves thru tens of years, not months. Times of draughts and times of heavy rain just happen and then evolve to compensate. Long term observations are a must for any serious scientific analysis of the evolution of the global climatic phenomena, anything else would not lead to any meaningful conclusion. But the eco-talibans smelled that the subject would be very effective to catalyze a lot of attention among the large portion of the public with not much scientific knowledge of the climate events, and consequently it would have been easy to psych them up and create in them the level of anxiety they needed to generate a popular reaction. That is eco-terrorism and the media just took the bite because the announcement that there was another opportunity to grill humanity would greatly dramatize the evening news.

Again, the total lack of scientific knowledge of what they were talking about let them to take for good what the self-appointed eco-specialists were announcing like they had received the ultimate Word from Higher-up. No reason to doubt: the planet was in danger and people had to hear it from CNN first. It took sometime before someone would think that it was the case to get real scientists involved. Top Nobel Prize recipients, starting from Prof. Carlo Rubbia, completely destroyed the “global warming” fake theory, but still the eco-jokers just insulted them, resented by the fact that those great scientists were destroying the platform they had built to themselves to collect prestige, honors and….money. Unqualified media people were joined by self appointed “scientists” running special reports on National Geographic, Discovery Science, Focus TV networks, and some were real great to listen to, like when a self appointed volcanologist affirmed that the deadly gas released by volcanos was carbon dioxide (CO2), totally forgetting the real killer emissions: sulfur dioxide and hydrochloric acid. If we analyze in depth, this is not just a booboo, this is a part of a heavy mystification of the information to the public. By proclaiming that CO2 is a killer gas, the eco-talibans want to induce the general public that if we keep generating CO2 thru our activities, we are going to destroy life on the planet. Carbon dioxide is the enemy and civilized humanity is responsible of its generation. This is a pile of bull. First, CO2 is not deadly in itself (remember Apollo 13, the movie?) but if we are inside a sealed room, we will slowly turn the oxygen there into carbon dioxide till we will have no more oxygen to oxygenate our blood. But we are not living inside a sealed crystal ball and any vegetal living being regenerates CO2 back to oxygen thru the chlorophyll photosynthesis process (in daylight).  So that way our atmosphere is back in business. CO2 is part of the basic life process of the planet: no CO2, no vegetation, just desert.  Not so easy: first we must preserve our most precious capital represented by our forests, anywhere on the planet. They are the lungs of the planet, preserving them is more important than limiting our activities to reduce the generation of carbon dioxide. But the eco-talibans are focused on the generation of CO2 alone. and they are applying a very heavy pressure on politicians and on the public opinion. Rather than checking the scientific foundations of this massive flow of hollow statements, our useless politicians just felt obliged to comply and fall in line. Only President Donald Trump exposed the idiocy of the “global warming” theory, and pulled the USA out of the Paris Treaty that was just strangling the US Industry and Economy. The gutless European leaders just bowed to the new eco-religion and kept issuing progressively tighter regulations about the emissions of CO2 generated by the activity of civilized Men. Individual mobility becomes the main target of this . Ridiculous: cars and trucks are responsible of only 3% of the emissions, but still the euro-politicians seem to be obsessed by the idea of getting rid of CO2 emissions from motorized vehicles. The progressively tighter limits established by the eu commission are a clear indication of both their ignorance and of their political dishonesty. In facts even the leanest burning Diesel cycle engine could never meet the limits established for 2025, let alone the 37% reduction imposed by 2030. Excess emission premiums for manufacturers failing to meet their emissions target will remain at €95 per vehicle for every g/km by which the manufacturer’s fleet average CO2 exceeds its target. This means a real financial bloodshed for the Industry, unless they convert a large share of their production to electric propulsion.

Powered by lithium-ions batteries. No doubt there is a massive financial-political leverage behind this tragic comedy. Our Planet needs more respect and a good clean-up, but please stop blabbing of global warming: last winter was extremely cold and wet all over the North American continent and wherever it was dry, it duly turned wet starting in March. I call these natural fluctuations and so do real scientists outside the eco-taliban camp. And to those who point their finger to the civilized Western World I would like to remind that most of the global amount of particulate, other pollutants and CO2 are generated by China, the most polluted and polluting country in the world, and by the huge forest fires that Malaysian and Indonesian farmers start to destroy the forests there and conquest more ground for palms plantation to produce the palm oil for the Chinese market. There fires smoke is so thick that it causes problems to air traffic. But nobody points any finger to China and to the third world Countries around the world polluting the atmosphere like we did in the nineteenth century. So stop denying the latest generation Diesel cycle powered cars the right to circulate, like it happens in the silly Hamburg municipality. Just ridiculous. A very powerful propaganda machine is working to triturate our freedom to circulate the way we like. Present emission standards are minimal and more than adequate to save the Planet, while we keep working and living and we progress researching for even better propulsion systems/fuels. No matter what ignorant politicians and lawmakers might ever try to enforce. They even enlisted totally ignorant 16er doomsday prophetess Greta Thunberg, a poor sad kid obsessed by visions of burning planet. She has been diagnosed the Asperger syndrome that induces her to spread around her nightmares in the attempt of terrorizing more people about the future of the Planet. She has no scientific knowledge, just an obsession, but she has been admitted to speak in front of the euro-parliament and other top political assemblies. Some even suggested to assign her the Nobel Prize for Peace, and that is the biggest joke of all. Greta obviously is a “Remotely Controlled Kid”, sort of a human drone. She is remotely controlled by her parents and by lobby groups, logically attracted by the million+ dollars Nobel Prize money, worth exploiting the nightmares of Greta. The whole thing really stinks bad. Greta is yet another little gear in the huge propaganda machine behind the nasty drive for electrically powered mobility. At this stage the question is due: who controls the main switches of the huge propaganda machine? China, who else! Or better the Communist Party ruling China. Why China? Because thru the years China sneakily acquired control of at least 80 per cent of the lithium mines on the Planet. Based on this, China also controls about 90 per cent of the production of lithium ions batteries. China made huge investments to reach this dominant position and now they want to capitalize on them. But these financial aspects might be marginal to China. China is in the process of launching the most aggressive imperialistic strategy from the days of Alexander the Great and conquering a dominant position in the strategic domain of energy for mobility is one of their major targets. That would put them in a very strong position, so strong that they would be able to blackmail our western civilization, starting from denying us our freedom to move, travel, work.

China is no friend to anyone, but the North Korean puppet that they use as scarecrow against neighborhood nations and even against the USA (that’s really laughable). Weeks ago Prime Minister Xi Jinping circulated Europe offering his mutual trade deal, called the new Silk Road Initiative, to all the Euro Union countries and most bowed to it, ignoring President Trump warnings about the very limited reliability of Chinese contracts. China will re-surface the European highways network with depleted lithium ions batteries that no one will ever recycle because it is complex, costly and dangerous business. In the meantime, the anti-thermodynamic engines craze extended to airplanes. A totally idiot Dutch (let’s call him Dumb Dutch) representative at the Euro Parliament requested that an additional tax be applied on the jet fuel in order to obtain a reduction of the fuel consumption and related emissions. How an additional tax can solve the CO2 emission problem by the jet planes is hard to understand. It can only scoop more money to further cover the obscene costs of the double Euro-Parliament (one in Brussels and one in Strasbourg) and, in the process, increase the cost of our air tickets. After all, euro Representatives do not pay for their flights. We do. Maybe in his dumb Dutch vision of air mobility, that smart guy might believe that jet liners must be modified to provide a set of pedals to each passenger, for a new generation of muscularly propelled aircrafts. Be certain: despite of all this idiocy, dishonesty, mystification, science will come up on top again because in no way ignorant, bribed politicians can bend the eternal rules of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, even if China invests billions of US Dollars into this stinky, treacherous attempt to overturn our Civilization based on hard work, strenuous research, positive vision of Future. Not on cheap Chinese copycat and stolen patents. As they say: we really are in good hands!




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